Our understanding and experienced team members at Tarian are here for you if you need to make a claim. The more information gathered, the clearer picture we can create when processing your claim. For this reason is useful if you are able to collate any documents which may be relevant, such as contracts or receipts, and take any photos where possible.

By contacting us at the earliest possible time, we can manage and process your claim for you, aiming for a quick settlement facilitated by the strong relationship we have with our network of insurers, so that you’re not inconvenienced for longer than necessary.

Tarian’s friendly staff are always a pleasure to speak to and provide us with an efficient and professional service. We are more than happy to entrust them with our insurance needs and have no hesitation in recommending them to our clients.

Mr Iorwerth Williams, Partner, Dunn & Ellis Accountants, Porthmadog