Film & Television Insurance

There are so many components to filming and media production, both technological and human, that need to come together in complete harmony for the best result. If just one of these is out of sync, it can throw the whole project, normally at great cost.

Media production companies are faced with a unique cocktail of risks as far as insurance is concerned, which is why it makes sense for us at Tarian to provide very specific policy with Television & Film Insurance.

Cameras, lighting, generators, editing software, cranes and MACs – essential equipment can cost so much that the majority of film companies hire this in. And as if these items are not at risk of theft, breakdown or damage, they can cause injury risk from inexperienced runners tripping over wires, or fires and burn fingers caused by Tungsten light bulbs which can reach scorching temperatures.

Projects often run to tight deadlines and the price of going over this can be high. Long working hours can take its toll on the cast and crew, who may be unable to work due to sickness and either need replacing, or depending on how key they are to the production, put a hold on production all together. 

Our experts at Tarian are aware of these potential misfortunes, which is why a Television & Film Insurance packages aims to protect against media specific challenges, with cover including, transit, cyber risks, cast and crew, liability,  and commercial producers indemnity.  

Knowing that Tarian are looking after our insurance policies means I have one less thing to worry about and can get on with running my business. They are polite and helpful and always looking for the best deal for us without compromising on the cover.

Tudur Williams, T W Williams & Son Ltd, Pwllheli