Office Insurance

It can be hard to see how a commonplace office environment presents any immediate risks to employees, members of the public and the business itself. Even with health and safety procedures in place, this viewpoint can work against employees and visitors if they are not as alert to obstructions and potential slip or trip scenarios.

From an operations perspective, a building is not functional without electricity, water, or heating if this has an adverse effect on the welfare of employees, and a failure in IT systems and other ancillary systems can have a major impact on job functionality.

From our perspective at Tarian, we are well placed to arrange an Office Insurance policy which can provide you with a policy that ensures your office is covered for damage to the building, loss, theft of damage to business equipment, computer theft or breakdown, money, business interruption and your legal liabilities to the public and as an employer.

We’d like to alleviate any worries by ensuring that if your office premises is hit by disaster, burgled, or your entire computer network fails, you are able regain full functionality as quickly as possible. By sourcing relevant products from a wide range of insurers, we can create an Office Insurance package that will absorb any unpleasant shocks that may face your business.

Tarian’s friendly staff are always a pleasure to speak to and provide us with an efficient and professional service. We are more than happy to entrust them with our insurance needs and have no hesitation in recommending them to our clients.

Mr Iorwerth Williams, Partner, Dunn & Ellis Accountants, Porthmadog