1 in 20 people in the UK are at a loss because they haven’t got home insurance

“Over the past three years, 6% of people have missed a typical pay-out of £1,000 from their home insurance provider because they haven’t bought the right level of insurance cover, new research reveals.” (I love claims)

A poll discovered that this was due to the fact that Brits had a lack of knowledge when it came to what they should insure when insuring their home resulting in unsuccessful insurance claims.

One of the main reasons for unsuccessful claims was that incorrect information had been given to the insurers. Another was that those polled were unsure about what was included in their contents policy due to a lack of research when buying their policy.

This wouldn’t be the case and could be completely avoided if people understood and knew exactly what was included in their policy and what is actually covered for.

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Source: http://www.iloveclaims.com/home-insurance/one-20-brits-lost-home-underinsured/