10 ways you could be invalidating your motor insurance

According to a study by uSwitch.com, 63% of motorists make simple mistakes which may result in insurance companies refusing to pay out should they need to make a claim. Furthermore, out of those surveyed, 25% confessed that they did not realise that these minor errors could leave them out of pocket, and 37% stated that they simply did not remember that these errors could influence an insurance claim.

Here are the main 10 mistakes that could invalidate your motor insurance (Fife Today):

  1. “Wearing high heels or flip flops when driving (25%) 
  2. Leaving car unlocked (24%) 
  3. Putting off car maintenance when required (21%) 
  4. Forgetting to renew car MOT on time (16%) 
  5. Letting pets roam free in the car (15%) 
  6. Lending car to a friend or family member (14%) 
  7. Not updating details after changing jobs (9%) 
  8. Attaching fluffy dice, or another object, to rear view mirror (9%) 
  9. Forgetting to renew vehicle tax on time (9%)  
  10. Underestimating mileage travelled everyday (8%)” 


If your motor is damaged or stolen and you need to make a claim you cannot afford to make a simple error that could invalidate your insurance cover. It is vital that you take note of your renewal dates to ensure that you are covered at all times and avoid making these careless mistakes. For any queries on motor insurance, contact Tarian’s professional and experienced consultants.

Source: http://www.fifetoday.co.uk/lifestyle/10-ways-you-could-be-invalidating-your-car-insurance-1-4533510