Unusual Insurance Covers & Claims

Insurance offers a crucial security blanket for all kind of essential activities, from driving your car to running your business.

But, over the years, insurance companies have been asked to provide protection against some rather more unusual and peculiar circumstances. Here are a few examples: 

  • Alien Abduction Insurance 

Do you believe that there’s life on Mars or anywhere else other than planet earth? If so, with some insurance companies it is possible to insure yourself against an alien abduction, yes that’s right – although providing your claim may be a little tricky or challenging!

Some insurance providers will also insure your home against a potential alien invasion on earth, should your property be damaged in the process. 

  • Immaculate Conception Insurance 

British Insurance were asked by the Catholic Church to insure three sisters from Scotland against the possibility of carrying the son of God in a virgin birth.

Yes, that really happened, and for a while the insurers agreed. The insurance company gave all the £100-per-year premiums to charity, but eventually they did withdraw the policy.

  • Haunted House Insurance 

Haunted houses are popular Halloween themed attractions, and a popular way to celebrate the occasion, especially in the USA. Insurance cover can include public liability for visitors, which make sense, and cover for products in the event that food and drinks are being served.

And what’s been claimed? A teenager with asthma tragically had a reaction to fog machines in a haunted house in St. Louis, which resulted in a wrongful death claim.

  • Hole-In-One Prize Insurance 

Charity golf tournaments often make grand claims about giving away lavish prices such as a car or large cash prize if anyone gets a golf ball into a hole in one go. In the case that someone actually manages to get a hole in one, organisers of these events often protect themselves with prize indemnification.

And due to the very low likelihood of anyone winning, a contest prize worth $1 million was once insured for just $300!

  • Zombie Attack Insurance 

For some time now, people have been claiming that a zombie apocalypse is imminent, and they are the ones that will be laughing when it happens. Whilst most of us are to busy getting on with our daily lives, some people have taken out specialist insurance – which has been sold by Lloyds of London to protect customers from creepy attacks by vampires, werewolves and zombies.

The drawback? Not sure who will be around to process the claim in the event of an apocalypse!

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