Motor Insurance

80% of traffic in Wales is made up of cars, and of this traffic there were over 27.43bn kilometres covered by vehicles in 2013.* This in itself creates a lot of opportunity for minor prangs and more serious accidents, before even taking vandalism, theft and damage into account.

Motor Insurance is compulsory to keep Britain’s vast vehicle network in motion, a network that is made up of millions of individual drivers, such as yourself, who would not be able to cover the costs of an accident, car damage or theft or lost time at work due to an injury.

Our team at Tarian appreciate that cost has a big part to play when choosing your Motor Insurance, but also know that the type of cover you secure is not best left to chance. Taking your qualities as a driver on board, we’ll tap into relevant products to create a policy that fits your circumstances. This way, if you find yourself responsible for a claim, you know that you’re covered for what you need by your Motor Insurance policy, and can avoid what could potentially be a much higher cost.

Choose from comprehensive cover, or third party fire and theft, with additional options including motor legal protection, breakdown and UK cover extended up to 90 days European cover.

*Information obtained from Welsh and UK government statistics

I was recommended to Tarian, and now as a customer would gladly recommend them myself.

Mrs S Ellis-jones