Office Insurance

For us, sourcing insurance is just another day at the office

Whilst it might be hard to see how a commonplace office environment can present any immediate risks, even with the right safety precautions in place, accidents can always happen.

Offices come in many different shapes and sizes, but all must provide a safe and comfortable working environment. We can source you a policy which is built from the ground up with your individual needs in mind. When finding the right policy for you, we will take into account the likes of location, number of employees, types of equipment, business role and data confidentiality.

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Cover features:

Full theft cover

Accidental damage

Business Interruption

Personal property

Loss of data


Office buildings 

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Ticking off the essentials

Office Contents Insurance is an essential element of office insurance designed to protect a business’s vital equipment such as computers, office furniture and documents. Both those working from a permanent office space or from home can benefit from this policy.

From an operations perspective, a building is not functional without electricity, water or heating. These are all these essential components needed for any workplace to run as efficiently as possible.

We would like to alleviate any worries by ensuring that you are insured against most eventualities, and that you have the protection in place to regain full functionality of your business as quickly as possible.

By sourcing relevant products from a wide range of insurers, we can create an Office Insurance package to help you manage any unpleasant shocks that may face your business.


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