Film and Television Insurance

Lights, camera, action: finding the right insurance for your production

There are so many components to filming and media production, both technological and human that need to come together in complete harmony for the best result. If just one of these elements is out of sync, it can throw the whole project and the financial cost of this can be substantial.

Media production companies are faced with a unique cocktail of risks as far as insurance is concerned, which is why it makes sense for us at Tarian to provide a very specific policy to meet your needs.

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Cover features:

Employers liability

Management liability

Public/products liability

Commercial Producers’ Indemnity

All Risk Film Media



Hired In Equipment

Worldwide Cover

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Insuring essential equipment

Cameras, lighting, generators, editing software and cranes are all examples of some of the essential equipment needed to when it comes to film production. This equipment can cost a lot of money and so many film companies hire this in. Because of the high value of this equipment, it is at a high risk of theft. It is also at risk of breakdown or damage and can cause injury risk, for example if someone were to trip over a wire or sustain a burn as a result of the Tungsten light bulbs which can reach soaring temperatures.

Projects can often run to tight deadlines and the price of running over can be high. Long working hours can often take its toll on the cast and crew, who may be unable to work due to sickness. In the event of an illness, often standby staff are needed to ensure the production can keep to the schedule. When last-minute substitutes cannot be found, sometimes the production must be placed on hold.

Our unique media insurance experience means that we know the risks to look out for; the points to remember when you’re on location abroad, what to do when an exhibition site is flooded, or if someone breaks an arm halfway through filming.


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