Charity & Not for Profit Sector Insurance

Taking the time to listen to what your charity needs

When it comes to managing the risks that charities face, it is important to ensure that your business has a robust health and safety strategy in place. It is also vital that the organisation adheres to HR best practice.

Our experienced team understand the unique risks that those that in the charity sector are exposed to. We can help you find comprehensive cover to protect your business, manage your budgets and keep up to date with all the latest regulations set by the Charity Commission.

We understand that the needs of smaller charities differ greatly to those of larger not-for-profit organisations. For example, larger charities often have more complex risks such as caring for volunteers and managing large budgets. We will take the time to understand your charity and what makes it tick before working with you to find you the right cover. Whether you’re in the care or education sectors, a museum, in the arts or a local community charity, we can find you cover that meets your needs.

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We can support:

Health and medical



Environment and conservation


Community Groups


Older people  

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Essential cover for charities

Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for any charity that has employees or volunteers. If an individual is injured or falls ill as a result of working for you, then this will cover you against the resulting legal costs.

If your charity engages with members of the public in any way, then public liability insurance is an absolute must. This will protect you against if a member of the public gets injured or suffers a loss as a result of your charity’s activities.


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